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Photographed by @preach.perfect(IG)

Artist Interview:


St. Louis-based rapper Zado uses his voice to practice an introspection that has not been affording to black American men.  His music is soaked in emotional intelligence.  He understands that art is created from a sacred space of feeling.  Because of this connection, listeners are able to identify their own internal narrative

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13: NOW

Time does not exist.  We can reflect over experiences that have washed away.  We can project our desires on the experiences yet to come.  And yet, there is still only NOW. May as well navigate the current moment with tunes that soothe and inspire you to groove.  Don't forget to let the beat drop.

Photographed by Calvin Tigre



When Cami Thomas first premiered Smoke City on her platform, For The Culture TV, she aimed to highlight the character of each internal organ of St. Louis.  Each communal difference shares a common theme: St. Louis is as fulfilling as opening a maze of fulfilled promises.  Smoke City Season One taught us that transparency is the key to repair.