ART-BAE.com serves as a platform that promotes artistic connectivity and collaboration.  Through the use of promotional and curatorial work, Gloria “Glow” Harding exhibits a strong creative voice.  This is done by crafting stories told through the collaborative efforts of artists. It is her goal to curate thoughtful, thematic works that contributes to the ongoing narratives of her generation.

ART-BAE.com Playlist 8: NEXT

ART-BAE.com Playlist 8: NEXT

'Cause the art of moving forward requires focus and discipline.  What's next will always be better than the past because what's next inches you closer to your destiny. Don't forget to let the beat drop. 


The Knuckles

Doja Cat

Showme & Virginia Palms

Vaughn, Vibes

Teacup, Dragun

Ill Poetic


Rude Crew

Full Crate


Dylan Brady

s a x o n



ART-BAE.com Playlist 9: SHINE

ART-BAE.com Playlist 9: SHINE

ART-BAE.com Spotlight: BLACK SPADE