The same way the moon influences our moods, the voice of Mary Lawson soothes the soul with her crooning. Her light is made evident by the silvery touch she left in her absence. Her voice bounces delicately on top of stirring and unique live instrumentation. This is the definition of whimsy.


At some point, culture was packaged in a seed and shared, planting itself in foreign spaces and over powering the native flora and fauna. We consistently witness this phenomenon with music.  Sound permeates every culture on every corner of world. Music is a mechanism of unity, a mystic message to receive. Music is the heartbeat of culture, the soul of life. St. Louis Funk maestro Monkh focuses on infusing every bit of his soul into the sounds he creates.


His music is a memoir to the technological advances woven into 80s sounds. Tracks are sonically intensified by strings. The whimsy of jazz is the thread that holds these pieces together.  Mad Keys produces scores for daily life.  These creations are a reminder to make things that are classic, lasting as long as diamonds while remaining as malleable as gold.


With persistence, residents and creatives are able to manifest the future they see for themselves and their city.  This is the source of longevity.  This is the sound of San Francisco-based artist FVBE.


Rapper Slikk Darko creates music for "the crib", highlighting his escapades throughout the city. Laced in charisma, Slikk exemplifies what it means to put on for the city. 


The image of fabrics draping flesh tells stories. The use of textures and prints against a body used as canvas is forever thematic.  Clothing produced by Ukrainian brand Sistan Varavara remains reminiscent of the country these creations derive from.


2-Years into the painting game and Symone Johnson is already creating a name for herself. With her portraits depicting the beauty of the black women and her personal creations coming alive on canvas, Symone is an artist you do not want to sleep on. She'll be showcasing her, "Becoming" series for Year of the Woman, November 2nd, and we had a chance to catch up with her days before the show.


While writers of the past focused on technological advancements, Jean Deaux—as both an artist and a woman—focuses on advancements made within self.


St. Louis based music artist Nikee Turbo could have been anything.  He could have pursued traditional education.  He could have left St. Louis and ventured into other fields.  He could have withheld his creations and lived a life that was decided for him.  Instead, he followed his own inner compass.


Painter and musician Brock Seals uses his own experiences to serve humanity.  As he creates, he contributes his perspective to the artistic dialogue that exists globally. Promoting a lifestyle of positivity Brock Seals effectively turns pain into passion.  To find a hetero-normative man who exceeds gender norms is matchless. 


Oftentimes, femininity is seen as weakness.  Many insults hurled at men specifically diminish the power that lies in womanhood. Honey Camille uses the strength of her narrative and the honesty of her experiences to remind the world: women are the backbone and the source of all life. 


Visual artist Jessica J. Page uses her personal experiences and beauty preferences when practicing photography and videography.  Through her love of nostalgia (cue the hues of Lisa Frank and the energy of Nickelodeon), Jessica J. Page creates visuals that are simple expressions of joy


In a world of skewed perceptions and loss of reality, street photographer ISRphotos aims to point us back in the direction of reality. 


How you present yourself directly correlates to the energy that you receive.  For East St. Louis-based rapper Anthony Lucius, his strength and resilience shines through his work.  As he recounts his relatable experiences, his focus on community remains evident. 


Many hip-hop artists tend to rely on one end of the spectrum.  Their art, though not a full representation of who they are, may promote a single way of thinking. Najii Person is an example of clearly defined masculinity that is open and receptive to a variety of emotions.  His music feels like balance. 


Many artists secure their intentions in their work.  Sean Alexander focuses on the use of open ended interpretation to inspire viewers.  


Though life is full of unpleasant and uncomfortable twists, our joy is found along the journey.  Art requires creatives to be vulnerable and open about their experiences.  DRAGUN has mastered the balance of healing from heartache in order to receive happiness while sharing her truth.