Art has the ability to close borders and invite all people to commune.  Graphic designer SAVKA has used his work in order to foster community through international collaborations. 


There is power in remembering.  Experiences become resources as lessons fine-tune our character.  jSMN's musical and visual creations reach from experiences and reflects her truest self. 


When whimsy and purpose meet, there is no limit to the amount of change that can take affect.  Jane Beaird shows us that there is much to be learned from allowing your art to reflect your beliefs.  


Sonic sounds flowing from a heavenly source is the full depiction of Teszla.  This songstress reminds us of the power of change and the need to remain fluid. 


There is freedom in expression and freedom in being all that you were designed to be. Eric Donte is an example of a full life lived on your own terms. 


Words mean things and have the power to unite or divide. To master the power of language is to master alchemy. 


Either you have it, or you don't.  Either you grow into your own creation, or you become someone elses.  NECCIO has already learned that growth is the most important skill any artist can master. 


Arshad Goods is a metaphorical mason, using lyrics as bricks to bridge the gap between generations and genres. His music is open and honest. It is through the open use of dichotomies that each listener can learn something about their own beliefs while listening to Arshad Goods as he shares his. 


With an eye for detail coupled with visual versatility, Roach God’s work not only holds the past captive, but visually gives a glimpse at the beauty all of our futures have the potential to hold.


Digital Artist Haicceity uses photos of loved ones as inspiration for her creations. Her work feels like compassion embodied and smells like laughter with cousins. Hailey brings something the entire world can benefit from: joy. 


DJ Nico’s image screams “cool”. Multi-colored locks framing her face holler “freedom”. Music that she has curated and mixed for the masses cries out “joy”. The mixes she produces reminds women that there is no greater love than the love for self and the acknowledgement of all that we are. With mixes available on both Soundcloud and, DJ Nico offers the world the kind of happiness only found in movement.  Check out DJ Nico’s thoughts and mixes below