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Written by Glo(w)

The soul is a seed, and all of life’s experiences contribute to its growth.
— Psychedelic Bloom: Entering the Realm


From the moment life exits the womb, we enter a world filled with potential trauma.  The acts of birthing new life and being birthed are simultaneously traumatic.  Women endure the distress of having life separate from our core.  The female frame stretches with suffering as we offer ourselves as a sacrifice for newness.  Little one’s leave the comfort of a temperature controlled chamber.  This magical place where life begins always has the best meals readily available and the soothing sound of love echoing from mother’s voice.  Can you imagine why the first sounds a baby makes is reminiscent of weeping?  Imagine the fusion of flesh and soul that occurred in the womb, only to be expelled from this safe space into a world of unknowing.  This is the culmination of the human experience. 

At some point, we learn to smile.  We learn to find comfort in the unknown.  Change requires us to develop gratitude and understanding in order to be at ease during this existence.  The sounds of Dragun—Teacup Dragun if your’re familiar with her passionate and poised petite frame—reminds us that trauma and heartache are necessary tools for growth.  It is the bad that helps us recognize when good has arrived.  It is the sour that gives meaning to the sweetness of life.  As she flows through her metamorphosis, Dragun openly shares her experiences, both pleasant and detrimental.  This artist has personified the meaning of metamorphosis.  She serves as a reminder that our decision to focus on the fullness of life will grant each person strength and lead each person to true joy.

Listen to Dragun and get to know her below. 

For the record, what mediums of art do you partake in?

 Well, besides singing and dancing, I'll say the closest thing to art I would have is dumpster diving aka thrifting. That’s an art itself.


How long have you been creating? What inspired you to use your creativity?

 I've been creating since I was 3, but didn't really take it as a talent until I was about 10. As crazy as it sounds, the outcasts inspire me and my ugly friends.


You are very open and vulnerable in your music.  How did you grow to be so comfortable sharing such intimate details about your experiences?

I'm actually still growing. I tell myself not to let people in, but when it comes to music I'll spill all the beans & I'll over fill the cup. It's still growing onto me to let people in. So, I'll just write it out in a song.


What have you learned about yourself through the creative process?

I've learned that if I open up to people through my music, someone could possibly be going through the same thing.


What is the most important idea you want people to get from your art?

That it's okay to "be you". It's fine to be different. You don't need to be like anyone else.


A lot of artists tend to pull inspiration from the trauma they have experienced in life.  Do you think it’s difficult for artists to write from a place of joy?

I struggle with this! I write from bad experiences or even from a friend’s hard time. It's so hard for me to write happy, but the change is soon to come :)


What does the music of the future sound like to you?

Well if it was my way it would be "ghetto trance", "trap goth", & alternative.


What’s on your playlist? Who are you listening to?

I listen to Kelela, Melanie Martinez, The Knuckles, Syd, any alternative music, and UGLY MASSACRE.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"Don't create limitations"


How do you think the creating process would be different if money wasn’t a factor?

Well, I'll be able to afford studio time lol that's all I need. 



Do you think it’s important for other artists to congregate and work together?

I say yes, others would say no. If we would work together, we would put STL on the map.


When can we expect another project to be released?

Spring :)

Follow Dragun on Twitter and Soundcloud @TeacupDragun.