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There is beauty in both the seen and unseen.  In the current age of expanding ideologies, the importance of perspective is understood. Each new angle we experience in life grants us an opportunity to grow into ourselves.  Though nothing is new under the sun, there is a continual introduction of newness as each being discovers new perspectives.  All things are defined by these discoveries.  All preferences are reinforced or altered as we discover the bits of ourselves that has always existed. 

Visual artist Jessica J. Page uses her personal experiences and beauty preferences when practicing photography and videography.  Through her love of nostalgia (cue the hues of Lisa Frank and the energy of Nickelodeon), Jessica J. Page creates visuals that are simple expressions of joy.  Fueling her work is the need to create for her own sake.  Jessica J. Page understands the need for creatives to create as a necessity. As she consistently collaborates with local artists rising to prominence, she understands the importance of infusing yourself into the work you present to the world.  Her images and videography are directly tied to the bits of herself that are linked to happiness.  Her ability to emit sunshiney emotions through art is the evidence of her talent.  Page’s imagery reminds all creatives that your best work is your most authentic.


Get to know Jessica J. Page and view her work below.

For the record, what mediums of art do you partake in?
Photography, Video


How long have you been creating?

Forever technically, as a child I was always the art class type student and listened to every word my instructors told me. I always asked to be taken to buy paint and pencils and paper. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I really got into photography, and I was 19 when I bought my own camera.


What’s your most prized accomplishment thus far?

My accomplishments are personal. Investing in equipment and executing looks/ideas. A lot of what I do is for myself and pleasing my own need to see aesthetics brought to life. Whether this means new lights, bigger backdrops, sharper lenses, or a new pair of combat boots to make me feel good while I’m holding the camera.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself through your creative process?  What inspires you?

I’ve learned what it truly means to not only be an artist but live like one. I am simply here to create. I simply want to use colors, objects and humans to describe feelings I have. I’m living through my emotions and what fuels me to happiness, and what I feel is important. I am inspired by bone structure, cool tones, mysteries and good times. When I’m hired for photos I need to know what you’re wearing and how your hair and makeup will be. It sets the tone for me to select my colors, location, and lighting ideas.


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For more visuals, follow Jessica J. Page on Instagram @jessicaj.page