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Man’s account of the story of creation

The narration of life’s systematic structure

The “How’s”

How we were created to create.

Everything starts with a singularity.  A single cell in the mother womb divided and led to the whole of humanity.  A single spark from a single source caused the continuous stream of evolution that has led to the whole of the universe.  And yet, with all of the diversity we experience, the whole began with one.

In the creative world, expansion is constantly experienced.  The same way life began with a single divine thought, each creation begins with a single idea.  Ideas become seeds that bring dreams to fruition. Tears turn to nourishment when the creative idea is fed.  Steady breathing becomes necessary to refining a creation. Sunshine feeds the creative’s soul, and like a plant rooted in the wheel of eternity, our ideas grow into never-ending extensions of self. While science recounts the story of the ultimate creation, our work recounts the story of mankind. Commonalities between experience are printed in press, meshed in music, and visually exposed through video.  The ideas creatives share with the world tells the story of humanities. We were created, and we continuously create.

St. Louis native MVSTERMIND has constantly used his creative voice to express his perspective of humanity.  Heralded as a pioneer in the underground music scene in St. Louis, his business savvy and strategic maneuvers in music has created opportunity for other regional artists.  Each song he releases points at a purpose.  Each visual honors the roots of his being. Each reflection shared via social media encourages the expansion of thought. Overtime, his personal life has been an example of expansion.  His familial circle was cemented by his fresh marriage and will broaden by the addition of his first child into the world. Somehow, as his name suggests, MVSTERMIND skillfully balances creating music for the world and creating life.  His music is a reminder that we are all #CreatedToCreate.

For the record, what mediums of art do you partake in?

With music, I produce, mix, master and engineer my vocals. I conceptualize my album artworks, and hire the illest of friends to help me brings that vision to life.

How long have you been creating?

I got my first official music creating software at the age of 12 (FL Studio) and been at it ever since. Odds are I was kicking and making beats in the womb.

What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned about yourself over the course of your creative career?

The greatest lesson that I have learned from this music is applying pressure and applying patience. All of this is a real mix between being ready to go at any second and also being ready to pause, think, and let some shit simmer at any second. At times, I may be on the far end of BOTH of those. I may be in a position where i’m tryna rush every single thing that I’m  doing or other times I may be too damn lax by allowing too much time to come in between my actions.

From your perspective, are there any differences between creating life and creating art?

I would say this: no matter how phenomenal i think i am as a creator, no matter how phenomenal it is proved, I know that could never even measure up to the fact that I have been blessed to be able to creative life with my wife. That’s not equivocal to me. But the pure fact that I am a creator, I have been able to see the similarities between the process of creating an idea and creating life. We watch an idea grow, nurture it, watch it be birth and give birth to new ideas. I know creation can do that when it comes to music. So, they definitely intertwine. Even though, young Moon ain’t even out here yet, I know that he will be the best creation of my life.

How do you think the life you have lived as a creative will influence your perspective as a parent?

It’s hard for me to answer because i can barely imagine my life not being a creative. Even with that, if I weren’t a creative. I would have so many closed boxes on what a child should or could do with their life. Being a creative, I understand that there are so many different routes to get to happiness or success. I know that when we raise this child, there will be no limitation on what this child can be and how this child will become. That was very crucial and very pivotal in me being able to do the music that I do, and in me being able to enjoy and understand life the way that I do.

Do you think it’s important for other artists to congregate and work together?

Solo confinement can work as therapy for Artists, group work can work as clarity. We learn the most when working with others. I had to learn how to get out of my way, and simply curate the art. Collaboration is Art Communicating.

We have watched your circle and affiliations shift over time. How do you think the energy you’ve kept around you has impacted or influenced your creative process?

When it comes to energy and the creative process, it’s very subjective. That could also go into what people  would say about love. You could have some energy in our life that's exhilarating and inspiring. But it may not be the healthiest. That’s about the most transferable thing I could say about the energy in my circles. At the same time, was it healthy to my creative process? Hell yeah. Naturally some of the best music and creative ideas I thought I had came from this energy. But the ideas also depend on execution. So, depending on how different people process things, how they communicate, their love language, all of that affects what you want to do with what is created. When people have different goals, that's when we have to go on our own journies or our own routes. That doesn't mean that it's a rough situation. It just means that every person is going towards  their own destination and goal. It’s all love. I wanna see people get to where they are destined to be with a little pressure and patience.

A lot of artists pull inspiration from past creations (like older music artists, movies, etc.).  Do you do this at all? If so, what are some of your favorite eras to pull from?

MANNNNN, I’ma stan of the 70’s-early 80’s. They were so psychedelically in touch. The music production then was leaping bounds and it not only connected with the soul in the physical but also the spiritual.  They curated all of this with way less resources than we have. Man, they were so in sync. I’m in awe listening. Straight Awe.

What larger themes exist in your music? What is the most important idea you want people to get from your art?

BALANCE and being PRESENT.  I fight with it on the daily. And I’m okay with stating that because I know I’m attempting and I know I gotta keep attempting. Can’t fool myself not even now.

Listen to your emotions, listen to your surroundings, Regain control of your actions in the midst of such. Ultimately, but that would be boring if I preached that.  So I hit you with the vibes, and hidden gems, that soothes my soul and I hope it does the same.

How do you think region (West Coast, East Coast, South) impacts sound? How has traveling impacted your creative journey?

Definitely. You’re a product of what you’re environment exposes to you. And man, Me personally, I like to think of different cities as moods. California got me making happier music with warmth. NY got me making music that sounds busy and on a MF’N Mission, like I got a point to prove. I like to embrace all of those moods since I’m from the midwest, I didn’t have conform to a particular sound. I can like what I like without feeling disloyal to the sound of my city.

In your opinion, is there anyway artists can generate more resources and opportunities for their own city without traveling elsewhere?

If you want the plugs, be the power strip. Provide and you shall receive. Sometimes we think we tapped everything but we may have just seen it from that level. Lvl up and that same plug that couldn’t help now can expose you to a whole new realm.

What do you think about the culture of the independent art scenes that exist nationally?  

It’s enough for us to ALL eat. It’s beautiful. Cities have a stacked roster, and even more supporters. It’s beautiful to watch these cities birth independently legends. It’s starts from the foundation.

BUT that Pay to play shit dead. <3

What’s on your playlist? Who are you listening to?

A lil Stevie Wonder everyday. Saba. Jay Rock. Steve Lacy. J-Cole. Drake. Sir. Dayo Bello

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Can’t receive the gift if you don’t plan on being present.”

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