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There are a million paths that lead to enlightenment.  We experience our individual journeys through a series of decision-making.  Whether we turn left or right is our own choosing.  Whether we follow a traditional path or develop a preference for the abstract is our own selection.  We choose the reality that we live as we navigate through life.  Too often, it’s easy to frown upon a path that is different.  And yet, we are all standing under the same sun and headed towards the same destination.  There is no wrong path.  There is no wrong choice when you are making your own.

St. Louis based music artist Nikee Turbo could have been anything.  He could have pursued traditional education.  He could have left St. Louis and ventured into other fields.  He could have withheld his creations and lived a life that was decided for him.  Instead, he followed his own inner compass.  Through the collection of experiences, his work serves as a tell-all to his reality.  Nikee Turbo has been heralded for his authenticity and true St. Louisian energy.  The spark that provides the electrical feel to his music derives from his understanding.  His path led him to this moment.  Through the narratives he presents in his music, he provides a voice for those who may be on the same path and an example for those who may choose differently.  There is truth in creating from a place of knowing.  There is authenticity in choosing the path that is best for your own soul.

Allow words and sound to serve as example. Get into Nikee Turbo below.


What mediums of art do you partake in?

I do music and I draw.  I like all kinds of art.  I haven’t drawn in a minute, but I’m good at it.


How long have you been creating?

All my life.


What inspired you to start using your creative energy, though, to start sharing it?

Ever since I was little, I used to create things outside of music and drawing.  I used to just find stuff and try to build stuff. Like, I made a canopy bed.


So, you could’ve been an engineer?

Could have been an engineer, when I was younger. I was different myself, but my environment and circumstances… I took the wrong path.  I ventured off from pursuing that as a career.  But as far as the creativity, I always have that.  I can still put something together with my hands. Like homemade stuff.



What’s your creative process like? Do you jam, do you write it all out?

I make it up as it goes.  I follow my emotions. I’m an emotional person. My process to make music, I let whatever I was going through the day to inspire me. I like to go off the vibes, and let everything be fresh and organic.


What have you learned about yourself through your creative process?

Don’t rush nothing.  Just be. Just let it come to me. Just do it. I just do it.  I don’t put pressure or nothing on my art.  You can’t rush greatness, you know what I mean?


What’s the focus, like is there a lesson you want people to learn from you and your work?

I want people to listen to my music and get a feel for who I am.  They might learn something from me and my life.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I listen to philosophy a lot.  I try to use that to give myself the best advice.  But from my peers, and people older than me, they always tell me to stay driven to get what you want.  You have to sacrifice in the long run.  You gotta see it and know that you already accomplished it.  Manifest.


How important do you think it is for artists to congregate and work together?

Super important. The city needs that.  Like, we need all different genres to get together.  Some people let pride get in the way.  But as an artist, you can’t put yourself in a box.  You gotta be outside the box. I’m just me, but working with other people, it’ll pull different things outta me.  That’s a good thing.