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Written by Glo(w)

Xenophobia doesn’t solely belong to America.  Many places, rich with culture and history, strive to maintain a sense of normalcy.  The manner in which the ancestors have lived is often carried through new generation by way of tradition.  Existing in any manner outside of the societal status quo is shunned and feared.  In American, xenophobia is present in the desire to ban ethnicities from entering the land of the free and the home of the brave. Internationally, this same disconnection is seen in the desire to end ties with neighboring countries.  The fear of the unknown often plagues communities and results in lack of diversity.  This can cause voices to be unheard and perspectives to be shunned. 


In the Ukraine, a counter-culture led by artists prevails.  Through the work of artists, connectivity is rebuilt.  Artists remind the major populations that there is magic in feeling and divinity in creation.  Graphic design artist SAVKA has made the world seem smaller by collaborating with online media outlets to create stunning graphic images of St. Louis artist Bloom.  Through the use of art, fear of the unknown is lessened and new opportunities become present.


Peep SAVKA’s work below and get to the artist behind these exemplar images.



For the record, what mediums of art do you partake in?

I use everything that is needed to achieve my goals. If it’s necessary to learn something new (e.g. software or new graphics techniques), I collect all required information and start working. Besides, I’m photographer and successfully completed my diploma last year, so I have a great experience in academic drawing and painting.  Presently I have a strong skills in Adobe’s software line (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, InDesign, LightRoom), and Cinema 4D.


How long have you been creating?

From the deepest childhood as I can remember, I have always had a craving for painting and wanted to create something beautiful.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself through your creative process?  What inspires you?

In art, I pour out part of myself during the creation process. My emotions, feelings, everything I am surrounded by and everything that affects me. There is no clear definition about what I am inspired by because it can be everything and anything I experience.


A lot of artists pull inspiration from past creations (like older music artists, movies, painters, etc.).  Do you do this at all? If so, what are some of your favorite eras to pull from?

For now, I like the paintings of the Renaissance, and the Dutch still-lifes of the 17th century. I think I will have something to show in the spring


What’s on your music playlist? Who are you listening to?

I listen to much different music and always work with music.

Fka Twigs’s songs plays most often (from the moment she has released the first EP ‘til now, she is my main source of inspiration). Also Serpentwithfeet’s voice and performing, Arca’s originality (but sometimes I’m afraid of listening to his tracks) have touched me. As well, I enjoy our Ukrainian musicians ONUKA. Be sure to listen.


What do you think about the way mainstream media portrays artists?

It’s a perfect platform to tell the whole world about yourself, but creates competition with those much bigger.


Any thoughts on Trump? Seriously, is the whole world laughing at America?

Frankly, it’s simultaneously funny and is not. I actually don’t know how good he is as president, but his style should be improved. I’m more worried about his wife. (just a joke)


What larger themes exist in your designs? What is the most important idea you want people to get from your art?

I don’t try to put in my art some simulated deep meaning on purpose. I create something as I feel it and the result tells all to a viewer. Opinions differ and it’s the same with art. Everyone sees something special or nothing at least. So, my main goal is people not to be indifferent to what they see and to affect their feelings and emotions.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

If not today, then never.


How do you think the creating process would be different if money wasn’t a factor?

As for me money is not a goal. Art must be pure.


Do you think it’s important for other artists to congregate and work together?

Nowadays, to have a lot of “friends”, to present yourself as much as possible are one of the most important aspects of creating. Collaboration is very important; often both parties come to a common verdict and as a result release the great product, which is full of art, for artist it is an opportunity to burst out all his creativity and make dreams true.


Tell me about your dream project. 

Certainly my dream is to work with FKA Twigs. Once, she drew attention to my instagram profile by posting of my illustration in her profile, as Riccardo Tisci did. It makes me believe in myself and an enormous desire to work with these genius people.


When can we expect a project to be released? Where can people consistently view your work?

I didn’t make an exhibition, but already think about it, as many people have asked me about it. When I have the exact information I will share it on my instagram page.