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We are a people who sees and believes.  With an onslaught of viral videos and gleaming photographs, it’s easy to receive the emotion behind the images we stumble upon. This causes visual creations to remain potent. Paintings from yesteryear remain pertinent.  Movies become cult classics and blueprints for life.  Illustrations bring life to words.

And then there is fashion.

The image of fabrics draping flesh tells stories. The use of textures and prints against a body used as canvas is forever thematic.  Clothing produced by Ukrainian brand Sistan Varavara remains reminiscent of the country these creations derive from.  Bold colors and classic cuts are staples in the collection. Geometric shapes and linear designs in the clothing is akin to internal division on the country. This clothing line is a silver lining, a reminder to remain fresh as flowers steadily growing from dank and dark realities. Pops of colors used in the line are synonymous to sunrays, a light amongst the hardened conditions humanity faces globally. Cross-culturally, these garments fit in the modern style spectrum.

Learn more about the designer behind this clothing line below.

For the record, what mediums of art do you partake in?

The main medium of art for me is fashion. I’m a fashion designer and I interested in showing my views through creation of clothes.


Does your brand name have a specific meaning?

The brand name is my own name, so there’s no special meaning. But in the logo of the brand, we use the symbol—hexagram— which translates to Tai from Chinese Book of Changes, which means Heyday. Tai means Heyday, infinite development, ending of something small before start something huge.



Who are the core members of your brand?  How long have you all been working together?

The brand Sistan Varvara started in 2016. The collective consist tailors, stylists, PR manager, and we usually cooperate with very talented make-up artists, graphic designers, and photographers.

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How long have you been creating?

Even in early childhood I was creating something from the fabrics, flowers, etc. I was interested in design even when I didn’t understand the meaning of this word. I began drawong sketches of women’s dresses in secondary school.



What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself through your creative process? 

First of all, I love the process of creation. Every time I create, I want to find something new, to get new knowledge, and I want to find the truth of things that inspire me.


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A lot of artists pull inspiration from past creations (like older music artists, movies, painters, etc.).  Do you do this at all? If so, what are some of your favorite eras to pull from?

I pull inspiration from different nationalities, their culture, clothes, music and art. Of course,  I am  inspired by a lot of things from the past. This knowledge helps me to create new things.


What’s on your music playlist? Who are you listening to?

Laura Pergolizzi, Adele, Constantine, Nicki Minaj, Onuka, Benjamin Clementine


What do you think about the way mainstream media portrays artists?

It’s cool! I think these resources present sides of art so good. I think today every artist can say and show their own truth.


What larger themes exist in your designs? What is the most important idea you want people to get from your art?

I just want to show my opinion through my collections, show my sense of beauty, and what I think people didn't see.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It’s a joke from a movie: “At the end everything will be OK! If it’s not OK, it’s not the end!” But it is true!


How do you think the creating process would be different if money wasn’t a factor?

Money will always be a factor, because if you don’t need something to buy for your creation, you need to eat for staying alive and creating. Meals aren’t free.  You must pay for something in your life, so it is really big factor now.


Do you think it’s important for other artists to congregate and work together?

Nowadays yes, but all depends of the artist or situation. Today every designers or singers or actors want to be heard. The cooperation helps the creators in it. They can expand their audience.