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Photographed by @NoTalents (IG)

Artist Interview:


FVBE (pronounded FABE) sounds like the perfect culmination of past, present, and future. Infiltration of modern synths and rewound chords in production, FVBE is an accurate representation of the laissez-fair mindset many millennials hold.  The versatility of FVBE’s imagery and musical range doesn’t lead to only one outcome: he’s cast his net wide

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13: NOW

Time does not exist.  We can reflect over experiences that have washed away.  We can project our desires on the experiences yet to come.  And yet, there is still only NOW. May as well navigate the current moment with tunes that soothe and inspire you to groove.  Don't forget to let the beat drop.

Photographed by @roach_god (IG)

ART-BAE.com Presents

INCLUSIVE: An Artist Collaboration

In honor of the spirit of St. Louis, INCLUSIVE aims to present a message of collaborative comradery. The pieces that were crafted for this art exhibit at St. Louis-Lambert Airport are collaborations between 5 St. Louis Artists and Gloria Mills of ART-BAE.com. By reflecting the colors of the St. Louis flag and the materials that built the city, these pieces aim to remind travelers that St. Louis is comprised of inclusive communities.