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mad keys

His music is a memoir to the technological advances woven into 80s sounds. Tracks are sonically intensified by strings. The whimsy of jazz is the thread that holds these pieces together.  Mad Keys produces scores for daily life.  These creations are a reminder to make things that are classic, lasting as long as diamonds while remaining as malleable as gold.

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13: NOW

Time does not exist.  We can reflect over experiences that have washed away.  We can project our desires on the experiences yet to come.  And yet, there is still only NOW. May as well navigate the current moment with tunes that soothe and inspire you to groove.  Don't forget to let the beat drop.


Jean dEAUX “kRASH” ep

Jean Deaux embodies the essence of everything that black women have been shouting for years.  Every heart-changing feeling, every transformation within the communal cup is documented through song.  This isn’t for our high school selves; this is a celebration of who we have become.  Jean Deaux’s writing validates the experience of continued internal healing and growth.