FRESH CONTENT: Krash by Jean Deaux

Jean Deaux embodies the essence of everything that black women have been shouting for years.  Every heart-changing feeling, every transformation within the communal cup is documented through song.  This isn’t for our high school selves; this is a celebration of who we have become. Presents INCLUSIVE: An Artist Collaboration

n honor of the spirit of St. Louis, INCLUSIVE aims to present a message of collaborative comradery. The pieces that were crafted for this art exhibit at St. Louis-Lambert Airport are collaborations between 5 St. Louis Artists and Gloria Mills of By reflecting the colors of the St. Louis flag and the materials that built the city, these pieces aim to remind travelers that St. Louis is comprised of inclusive communities. Be it a person who is traveling nationally or internationally, the artists aim to create pieces that welcomes travelers to their permanent or temporary home in St. Louis, Missouri. Year 1 | PINK MAGNOLIAS

Glo(w) of has plucked some of the freshest sounds from the St. Louis independent art scene.  This myriad of feminine voices and sultry productions has formed the ultimate bouquet of PINK MAGNOLIAS.


 As an entrepreneur, Jizoo creates his own fragrant incense sold exlusively under the moniker “The Good Vibes Dealer”.  All the layers of being are covered by his paternal protection: eyes can feast on images of black familial strength, ears can soak in the sounds of sunshine, and nose can smell the goodness that connectivity can bring. Presents THE CYPHER

History wasn’t always preserved in written texts.  Word of mouth and oral traditions are community staples that has brought together tribal members in unity.  Similarly, hip-hop cyphers have allowed artists to trade urban folklore and connect with the masses


To be a leader is to be fearless.  Only true mavericks are able to fly both above and below the radar.  Emcee, producer, music arranger, and purveyor of cool Black Spade reminds us that success and fame are not mutually exclusive.  There is no blueprint, only inspiration. 


This is a reminder of the revolution.  With music that is both forward-thinking and reminiscent of the best of music's past, Michael Anthony provides the soundtrack to the new black renaissance.