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FRESH CONTENT: Krash by Jean Deaux

FRESH CONTENT: Krash by Jean Deaux

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Let’s talk about the reality of learning how to deal with new-age shit as a young black woman.

Our mass media training has taught us the archetypes of womanhood. Life has taught us that there is more. We know we are more because of our exclusion from most forms of art.  There are rarely models who look like real life, fine ass black girls—unless the fashion is an edgy caricature of being different.  We see (maybe) four different types of black women presented in film—unless it’s a niche Netflix series. I honestly can’t name three black female painters widely celebrated in a major gallery—unless we pull the strings and do our own event. There is an ongoing dissonance between the media we consume and our realities. Because art does not always include us, we are required to rely on our relationships with each other. The single most effective form of black women communicating on a wide scale has always been music.

KRASH is a cinematic score highlighting the evolution of a young black woman.

Jean Deaux embodies the essence of everything that black women have been shouting for years.  Every heart-changing feeling, every transformation within the communal cup is documented through song.  This isn’t for our high school selves; this is a celebration of who we have become.  Jean Deaux’s writing validates the experience of continued internal healing and growth. Yeah, self-care is a “thing” right now. However, there is a unique form of care black women require in a world that does not always give us a survival outline. KRASH is a perfectly executed recipe for creating honest art. She presents her vulnerability with sultry trimmings and BIG BOY BARS for dessert. Mouthwatering lyricism broadens the taste palette. And KRASH is a feast. Dig in.


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Way Out- A song thematically representing the feeling of PTSD, Jean Deaux identifies the feeling of escapism.  We all seek what we think we need in crisis.

Deserve- This song is the breezy memorial in honor of healing from personal loss. #ForeverJohnWalt

Say Less- Words are not needed to define pure chemistry. This stand out track speaks for the comfortability in allowing yourself to be open to the idea of giving your sacred self to a sacred moment.

Energy/Who U (featuring Ravyn Lenae)- The same way Erykah Badu gave us epic two-song stories, this is a dual-serving. Featuring the ever so sticky sweet Ravyn Lenae, we are reminded to listen to our vibes and question anyone who tests our peace. Cause who tf are you?

Back 2 You- We all need to recharge after dealing with new people. 

Krash (featuring Bari)- This song is big d**ck energy couple with big heart energy. Jean Deaux doesn’t have any reservations reminding the world of her regality. Cause she can RAP rap.

Code (featuring drea the vibe dealer)- Black women are not monoliths.  Jean Deaux's vocal and stylistic range are on display here. Drea the Vibe Dealer serves as the perfect enchantress magically transporting us through alternative R&B mysticism.

Work 4 Me (featuring Kari Faux)- Krash taught you to respect Jean Deaux as a lyricist.  Code taught you to expect the magic of genre bending, alternative musings. Work 4 Me is the culmination of understanding the full spectrum of black womanhood. This song is infused with the cool of Pharrell and ease of a summer rooftop day party.

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Stream KRASH by Jean Deaux on all digital platforms right now. KRASH is also available on YouTube.

Keep up with Jean Deaux on Twitter, Instagram, and at www.jeandeauxmusic.com.



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