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We have been conditioned to equate fame to success.  All of the stars shining bright serve as sources of both inspiration and malice.  Seeing someone experience the lushest aspects of life often motivates individuals to work harder to attain the same comforts.  Just as iron sharpens iron, artists tend to ignite sparks within each other.  And yet, only a select few become the figurehead on the television, the spokesperson for a genre, or the voice for the creatives of similar intent.

Who decides?  Who chooses the one’s whose names become plastered in the mind of forever?  Who decided that contributions are only worthy if you are widely recognized for your efforts?  The general population tends to gravitate towards the figures that are forced before their eyes.  The more you hear a song or see an image, the more likely you are to eventually enjoy its tune or prefer its aesthetic.  This subtle societal conditioning has permeated even the most pure communities.  As artists grow and create, there is a subtle reliance on one another.  Together, artists can raise awareness to the stories being told through creative expression.  Together, artists can find their own form of success, whether it’s linked to mainstream fame or not. It takes a village to raise an artist.

Within each village, there’s always a chief. There’s always a leader with humility and silent confidence.  There is no need to boast or brag.  There is no need to force their prowess beyond those they serve. These individuals allow their work speak for their heart.  For the St. Louis arts community, Black Spade is the epitome of a graceful leader.  Many individuals have excelled, simply by being themselves.  Black Spade has continued to consistently produce high-quality and tasteful music creations all while offering support and comradery to new indie artists.  With productions dipped in funk and shifted beyond the atypical four count, Black Spade is an example of an artist who leads by example.

Nothing stays the same forever.  There is no stability within the world of creations.  Each ounce of newness is literally imagination brought to life.  The freedom creating brings cannot be contained to a single perspective.  Though the St. Louis arts scene has changed greatly overtime, Black Spade has remained a reliable person of interest.  No matter the event, Spade can be found observing the crowd from a slight distance with a slight smirk on his face.  It must be a source of pleasure to witness the transformation of a city.  It must be a source of joy to witness the birth of new creatives. As a member of both the national connoisseurs of fresh sounds—Vibes Collective—, and the local purveyors of cool—The Force—Black Spade continuously demonstrates innovation in his music.  Outside of music, Spade uses his superior taste to transform clothing and design eclectic outwear pieces. There is no blueprint, only inspiration.

The system is rigged in many ways.  Though hard-work and fortitude can appeal to the powers that be, there is no certainty in chasing someone else’s dream.   It seems nice, the life of a celebrated artist.  And yet, many have witnessed how fame can taint artistry.  True artistry sails beyond the current wave and prepares the shores for what is next.  This has been Black Spade for St. Louis: a reminder that we are more than radio, more than a monolith of slurred words.  We are the tastemakers.  And no amount of fame, or lack thereof, can ever take that from St. Louis. #314

Follow Black Spade on Soundcloud @Stoney Rock (vmoney2004) and on Twitter and Facebok @BlackSpade. 



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FRESH CONTENT: Vaughn Vibes "Pink Sky Paradise"